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Electronic Books, also known as eBooks, offer schools a way to provide students access to books 24/7 with content educators trust.


When you order eBooks from one of our publishers, you’ll receive ad-free content with unlimited circulation into your school and multi-platform compatibility.


We offer eBooks though ABDO, Capstone & Delaney.

A Boy and His Tablet Device
Technology at School
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How Can Literacy for Texas Help Me With My eBooks?

Literacy for Texas provides curated packages to help you find the perfect eBooks for your library for:

  • Preschool

  • Kindergarten

  • First Grade

  • Second Grade

  • Third Grade

  • Fourth Grade

  • Fifth Grade

  • Sixth Grade

  • Seventh Grade

  • Eighth Grade

  • Ninth Grade

  • Tenth Grade

  • Eleventh Grade

  • Twelfth Grade 

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