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Summer Reading Connection

Keep Learning Alive this Summer

School doesn't end when the bell rings or the zoom meeting ends! Keeping students and parents engaged throughout the summer is best accomplished through books!

Capstone has developed grade-level packages which include six books to send home to excite your students over the summer! Plus, each collection comes in a FREE drawstring backpack, with a FREE Parent Resource Guide, a FREE Reading Response Journal and activity sheets to further book discussion with your child.

With so much support at home, the joy of learning will continue on this summer.

In the Classroom
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How Can Literacy for Texas Help Me With Summer Reading?

Literacy for Texas provides curated packages to help you find the perfect Summer Reading packs for your classroom for:

  • PreK

  • Kindergarten

  • 1st Grade

  • 2nd Grade

  • 3rd Grade

  • 4th Grade

  • 5th Grade

  • 6th Grade

  • 7th Grade

  • 8th Grade

Want To Request Literacy Samples From Literacy for Texas Or Contact Us For More About Summer Reading?

Reach out with the links below. We're here to help you you achieve your

classroom library dreams by supporting multiple reading levels and multiple access points, including Wi-Fi accessibility and off-line reading.

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