Building Spanish Reading
Success for Millions Worldwide

Beereaders Is Flexible, Versatile Supplemental Digital Spanish Reading Comprehension Program For Spanish-Speaking Students in Grades 2-12

Beereaders goal is to improve the reading comprehension of emergent bilingual students around the world by encouraging the development of effective reading habits and reading comprehension strategies, nurturing and developing a love of reading.


Our digital platform promotes reading skills using adaptive learning in an instructional sound and gamified environment. Beereaders program is a flexible instructional resource for bilingual, dual language, and heritage language programs for use in classrooms and at home. 

Also is available in both online and app versions, allowing for interaction with our contents on any device (cell phones, tablets, PC), anytime and from anywhere--even remote locations without an internet connection.

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Student Platform

Authentic, Culturally Relevant Content

  • Engaging Digital Reading Experiences

  • Game-like Student Platform Motivates students to read more, understand what they read, develop literacy skills & Strategies

  • Authentic fiction and nonfiction Spanish Books and Texts from Around the Spanish-Speaking World

  • Proprietary Placement Test to match students to content

  • Beereaders Spanish Reading Leveling System (with correlations to Spanish Lexile and Fountas & Pinnell SEL)

Teacher Platform

Reports, Professional Development, and Resources for Educators

  • Reports of school, class, and individual student progress

  • Guidance for Program Use, in class and in
    remote settings

  • Professional Development Podcasts, videos, and instructional resources

  • Correlations to Standards

  • Facilitates ongoing connections with Spanish-Speaking families

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Parent Platform

Engaging Families to Support Student Reading Success

  • Easy to Read Reports on their child’s progress

  • Communication with and from school

  • Activities for Family Literacy and cultural connections

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