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Our literacy solutions are school-wide resources inclusive to ALL students and ALL learning abilities. We are your content champions, your access advocates, and your service solution providers. Together, we can help you reach more readers with a dynamic online collection from ABDO Digital. Partnering with Literacy for Texas is the ideal choice for supporting your current and future literacy efforts! Read on to find out why we love ABDO Digital.

  • Effortless Set Up - We work with you to implement the digital library you envision, quickly and easily.

  • Instant Access - ABDO's Instant Access Program can be integrated into every digital library. Offer full access to your online content in so many ways — with no login required.

  • Flexible Pricing - We will help you find the digital solution that fits your needs. NEW pricing options, FREE hardcover books and paramount premiums, ABDO digital content is priced to accommodate any budget.

  • Proven Success - “ABDO’s digital program allows us to copy eBook links from our MARC records into our LMS, all without login screens. Our teachers and students love this easy access.” - Linda M. Georgia

With the breadth of digital products ABDO offer's, together we can craft a unique online collection, perfect for your readers. Reach out to your local library consultant here to get started.

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