How Is An ABDO Book Made? We Have The Answers!

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on inside the offices of one of the Nation's top children's publishing companies? Literacy for Texas had the pleasure of hosting the ABDO publishing family to learn more about how one family's humble beginnings grew to become one of the top children's publishing companies for school libraries.

One of our favorite parts of the webinar is when Grace Hansen shared insider information on how ABDO chooses what to publish each season! Below are the 8 steps to making an ABDO Kids book. For more be sure to check out the recording of our webinar here.

8 Steps To Making An ABDO Kids Book:

  1. Title Meeting

  2. Cover Design

  3. Research

  4. Writing

  5. Photo Research

  6. Editorial Process

  7. Content Created For ABDOKIDS.COM

  8. Title Translated To Spanish

Every ABDO book is carefully created to support AR, National Standards and to inspire reading! Ready to add ABDO books to your library? Be sure you check out our special direct offers! We can offer you half off ALL eBooks, FREE matching hardcover books with instant access to eBooks, 100 books of your choice, and more. Reach out to your local library consultant here.

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