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School Solutions From Delaney

Why Delaney Educational?

Delaney Education is more than books - they provide solutions for schools. Our curriculum resources, custom. classroom library collections, leveled book rooms and literacy center are the answers to creating a well-rounded selection of titles that meet regional and national standards.

Children Arriving at School
High School Friends
How Can Delaney Support Your School?

They support all aspects of your school and it's programs including...

Distance Learning

Striving Readers

Early Childhood

Reading Support

Classroom Libraries


ELL, ESL, & Dual Language Support

 Summer Reading

Book Rooms

Curriculum Alignment

Parent Resources

Contact Us For More About School Services From Delaney

Reach out with the links below. We're here to help you invest in a whole school resource to make it easy for educators to share and support student needs. Literacy for Texas provides curated resources that support your current, and future literacy projects.

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