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Engage Literacy eBooks

Equitable and Equal School-Wide Resources

Our digital literacy solutions are school wide resources and are inclusive to all students and ALL learning abilities.  


Engage Literacy eBooks are multi-user and owned in perpetuity, making your digital investments last a lifetime. 508 compliant, live voice audio, and reading support systems are all standard feature


This interactive eBook package contains 274 Engage Literacy eBooks to match the print leveled readers and support distance e-learning.

In the Classroom
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Why Engage Literacy eBooks?

Enjoy a hassle-free eBook experience with:

Unlimited and simultaneous access
Read-aloud audio
Easy systems requirements
Tools to support pre-recorded lessons

Oral Reading Record for EVERY Book!
Simple download method
One-time purchase
Reproducibles for every student

Happy Kids with Books
How Can Literacy for Texas Help Me With Engage Literacy eBooks?

Literacy for Texas provides curated packages to help you find the perfect Engage Literacy eBooks for your classroom for:

  • Kindergarten

  • First Grade

  • Second Grade

  • Third Grade

Want To Request A Free Trial From Literacy for Texas Or Contact Us For More About Engage Literacy eBooks?

Reach out with the links below. We're here to help you you achieve your

classroom library dreams by supporting multiple reading levels and multiple access points, including Wi-Fi accessibility and off-line reading.

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