ABDO Instant Access eBook Program

Instantly, Anywhere

Watch this Instant Access video to learn how to improve students’ digital discovery and access in your library

ABDO Instant Access eBook Program

ABDO is proud to be the first publisher to offer a revolutionary solution for eBook discovery and access in your library. Their Scan-to-Read QR Code Labels grant direct access to your Abdo Digital products, with no login necessary. Download your favorite QR code reader app to begin.

By offering Scan-to-Read QR Codes as part of their shelf-ready library processing, you can offer seamless instant access—and physically market your library’s digital content.

Find ABDO Scan-to-Read QR Codes as labels on your book covers—and processed in your MARC records for whole-class access!


Get FREE Hardcover Books


FREE Abdo Scan-To-Read Qr Code Label

with a $500 minimum direct purchase of eBooks!

Includes Anywhere eBooks (hosted multi-use with downloadable PDF) and Read-to-Me eBooks (hosted multi-use with downloadable no-audio PDF)


Use coupon code ACCESS2017 when ordering online, 
or contact us for more information.