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Classroom Libraries

What is a Classroom Library?

Classroom libraries are many things, but at their core they are a small, controlled environment for students to engage in with appropriately-leveled texts and nurture not only a love of reading, but build on selective reading skills as well.


Classroom libraries provide a space for their students to become stronger readers, promote recreational reading, encourage independent reading, and introduce them to a range of genres, topics, experiences, and more!


Kids can explore the bookshelves and book bins for new and exciting books on their own.

In the Classroom
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What Types of Books Should I Have in My Classroom Library?

The ultimate goal of a classroom library is to provide your students with a wide range of reading material that does the following:

Gives them a broad array of genres and topics

Promotes inclusion and diversity

Encourages confident and independent readers

Happy Kids with Books
How Can Literacy for Texas Help Me With My Classroom Library?

Literacy for Texas provides curated packages to help you find the perfect books for your classroom for:

  • Kindergarten

  • First Grade

  • Second Grade

  • Third Grade

  • Fourth Grade

  • Fifth Grade

  • Sixth/Seventh Grade

Want To Request Literacy Samples From Literacy for Texas Or Contact Us For More About Classroom Libraries?

Reach out with the links below. We're here to help you you achieve your

classroom library dreams by supporting multiple reading levels and multiple access points, including Wi-Fi accessibility and off-line reading.

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