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What is a Bookroom?

While a classroom library might be that class’s core set of texts, a bookroom is a shared space for books in a school. The bookroom can create a “revolving” collection to engage students in reading and provide extra instructional materials. 

An ideal bookroom provides what every teacher needs and what every student wants. A bookroom provides books for independent readings, multiple copies of books (usually packs of 6) to support small-group instruction, mentor texts for interactive read-alouds, and books for shared and partner reading.

In the Classroom
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What Is The Role Of The Bookroom In Instruction?

The sections of the bookroom should be arranged to support instruction, with the resources organized by content, standards, and so on. Standards tell teachers what to teach—but teachers need the freedom to choose the resources that best engage their students.

Literacy for Texas provides book that are pre-packaged and ready for your bookroom.


When choosing books we:

  • Choose quality books. 

  • Choose books that reflect diversity.

  • Consider pairing text sets.

  • Choose books that reflect different time periods and important themes. 

  • Consider your school district’s requirements in addition to national standards. 

How Can Literacy for Texas Help Me With My Bookroom?

Literacy for Texas provides curated packages to help you find the perfect book for your bookroom. Here are a couple examples:

  • Engage Literacy Bookroom

  • Wonder Readers Bookroom

  • Leveled Bookroom

  • Spanish Bookroom

  • Custom Bookroom

Happy Kids with Books

Want To Request Literacy Samples From Literacy for Texas Or Contact Us For More About Bookrooms?

Reach out with the links below. We're here to help you you achieve your

bookroom by providing consistent lesson and learning activities, extended learning, and 24/7 access to digital content. We encourage home use-opening doors to collaborate with families and increasing literacy efforts across the board.

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