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Benchmark Assessment

Why Benchmark Assessments?

Now educators have a more accurate assessment for leveling their students for Guided Reading lessons. Our Engage Literacy Benchmark Assessment kit is designed to give teachers support and guidance while they match students to appropriate text for instruction.

The provision of both fiction and nonfiction texts at each level allows the teacher to assess across various genres. Fluency, accuracy, and comprehension may differ when a student is reading a fiction text compared to an informational text. A number of factors, such as prior knowledge, vocabulary development, and early learning experiences may affect the student’s reading ability.

In the Classroom
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What's Included In The Engage Literacy Benchmark Assessment Kit?

The Engage Literacy Benchmark Assessment Kit Features:

Authentic text for assessing students' guided reading level
Fiction and Nonfiction text
Engaging, authentically written text
Instructional support for teachers makes this an easy to implement classroom tool
Easily manageable and flexible

Kit Components:

40 authentically written books levels A-K (Magenta to Purple Engage Literacy Levels)
20 authentically written text passages for levels L-P (Gold- Sapphire Engage Literacy Levels)
Levels A and B have 1 NF and 1 F book
Levels C-P have 2 NF and 2 F books or cards per level
Teacher Materials
1 Reading Assessment Sheet per title
Oral Running Record
Fluency Rubric
Comprehension Rubric- provides Literal, Inferential and Applied questions
Teacher’s Resource Guide
Overview of assessment
Instruction for giving an ORR
Instruction for scoring an ORR
Instruction for using the kit to provide a level
Reading behaviors overview for instructional support

Happy Kids with Books
How Can Literacy for Texas Help Me With Benchmark Assessments?

Literacy for Texas provides curated packages to help you find the perfect Benchmark Assessment for your classroom for:

  • Emergent - Levels A-D

  • Early - Levels E-I

  • Early Fluent - Levels J-M

  • Fluent - Levels N-P

Want To Request Literacy Samples From Literacy for Texas Or Contact Us For More About Benchmark Assessments?

Reach out with the links below. We're here to help you you achieve your

classroom library dreams by supporting multiple reading levels and multiple access points, including Wi-Fi accessibility and off-line reading.

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